Shared clients, color coded levels of access on the Home screen

Notice the color-coding key to the bottom right of the Home screen. These are the various levels of access you may have when accessing client cases. Access level is shown by a very subtle, thin color bar to the left of each client in client list. The color coding indicates your relationship to the client case and the level of access you are granted to it.  You could have access to a client case for several reasons.






Adviser (green) - Most commonly, you can access the case because you created it. This is to say, you own the client case or perhaps someone has shared it with you granting you “full control” over the case, making you a co-owner of the case. This is Adviser access.

You might also be granted “full control” over a client case if it is shared with a team through which you are granted full control. The main distinction between someone who has full control over a client case versus having "Write" access, is that with full control, you could also share the case with colleagues, if necessary.

You could also have access to a client case because it has been shared with you either directly, by the case’s original owner, or through a team.

Write (purple) – Write access allows you to edit the client case but not share it with others. This is a level of access granted through sharing a client case either directly or through a team.

Read (orange) – Read access grants you read-only access. You can view but not edit the client case.

You might also have access to some client cases based on your role in our system.

Admin (gold) – Administrative access means your access to the case is granted to you through a special role. For example, if you were a subscription manager, you have a special role that grants you access to cases other than your own because you manage all of the user licenses and with them, all of the client cases within your firm’s subscription.  

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