"Client record is too old for trialist access" - I am not being allowed to access the client records I created during a previous trial of the software


I recently asked to have my former trial of the software reactivated. However, when I attempt to access the older client cases I created during my previous trial, which was a few months ago, a message appears stating:  "Client record is too old for trialist access."

Is there any way to access these records? Have my older client records been deleted? 



Your client file has not been deleted, but will only become available through an active subscription.

Although we are fairly flexible about offering trial extensions in cases where individuals were unable to take full advantage of their original trial period, as a policy we do not allow access to client records that are over 45 days old without an active subscription. We do this to prevent any possible abuse of our free trial offer - e.g. reactivating the trial occasionally, when the time comes for a client meeting, but never subscribing.  

With this said, our support staff does have some latitude to switch off this block. If you have a special situation that you believe warrants the disabling of this block, please feel free to contact Voyant support at support@planwithvoyant.com