Selling a property - US

Selling a property in Voyant 

From the Dashboard go the the Property section and open the property you wish to sell.




Once you have opened the property navigate to the "Timing" section.




By default every property will be entered with the sell event at mortality. To change this double click  on the Timeline in the year you would like to create a sell event. 




Then click "Done" to save. 

This will take you back to the Dashboard. From here you will see a large spike from the asset liquidation on the cash flow chart.




If you go to the Details > Year View > Investments

You will see these funds being swept into our clients default cash sweep accounts.



From here you will have several options as to how to use this large Windfall. 

Pay down debts

Sweep into an Investment Account

Note - the software will automatically pay off any mortgage debt linked to a property at the sell event. 

Or you could invest it in a new property. To do this open both client's Cash Sweep Account and set the sweep option to move money into an account you could use to fund the new home purchase for example a savings account. 



Open both Sweep accounts and select the account you would like to sweep into (e.g. Family Savings Account). Then click "done" to save.




This will take you back to the Dashboard and enter the future property purchase.




Enter the future property details

When entering the basic details, under "Is this a future purchase?" select "yes". 

Note - if you are entering an exact purchase value that you would not like to have affected by inflation change the inflation rate to zero. 

Once these basic details have been entered go to the Payment Sources section. 




Move the preferred account into the "Preferred Payment Sources" section and go to the "Timing" section. 




Select the Event on the Timeline you would like to schedule the new home purchase and set as start event. Then click "Done" to save.




You will be taken back to the Dashboard, if you toggle on the Details > Year View, go to the Property section and use the slider to take you to the year on the Timeline the property liquidation and purchase is scheduled. Here you will be able to see the sale and purchase of the properties.




Note - If you would rather do this as a "what if" plan so as not to affect your base plan you can find out more about how to do that here. Creating a What If plan.