Timeline, Stages - How to delete a stage

How to delete a stage

To delete a stage from the timeline: 
1. Click the stage on the Timeline, Dashboard, or Let’s See screen. 
2. Click the trashcan (wastebasket) icon beside the stage name, top left. 
3. When prompted, click the Delete button to confirm deletion of the stage. 
When a stage is deleted, usually the stage to its left will expand to fill the space it once held along the timeline. Stages must be contiguous. Gaps are not allowed and will be filled automatically by the software. 
Note - Stages can also be deleted indirectly, by expanding the timing of another stage on the timeline. If by editing the timing of a stage the timespan it now occupies consumes what were formerly separate stages on the timeline, you will receive a prompt asking you to confirm that the change in timing will overwrite these stages with the newly expanded one.