Cumulative taxes are now tracked in the Year View, on the Taxes tab

Cumulative Tax Totals

Cumulative taxes are now tracked for all types of in the Year View, at the top of the Taxes tab. These cumulative totals can be a powerful tool for demonstrating the importance of tax efficient investing and planning. 

Cumulative tax totals are an entirely new feature in our US, Canada, and Australian releases, whereas cumulative totals were tracked for some but not all types of taxes in our UK and Irish releases. Now all types of taxes are being tracked including dividend taxes and in the UK, Lifetime Allowance Tax. 

Estate taxes are intentionally omitted from these totals. These can be viewed on the software's Legacy overview tab. 

To view the cumulative tax totals, access the yearly details behind the charts by either clicking the Year View tab in the upper right corner of the charts, as pictured below, or simply double-click any bar of the chart to open the year view. 


In the year view, select the Taxes tab. 



To view the cumulative taxes over the course of the plan, either click a bar in the chart above to see the details for a particular year in the future or use the slider beneath the chart to select a year in the plan. 



The cumulative taxes for the selected year will be shown in the top section of the Taxes tab. This section will show cumulative totals of all of the taxes that will have been paid up to that selected future year of the plan, tracked by type (income, dividends, capital gains). 



Note - AdviserGo can only do indicative tax calculations based on current tax rules and some assumptions about the future inflation of tax brackets and thresholds, depending on jurisdiction. There is no way of knowing, definitively, what future tax rates and rules will be.