Report Sets - How to select and save a reusable set of reports - Canada

How to save a reusable report set in AdviserGo

A report set can be easily saved on the fly in AdviserGo and at any point it can be easily cleared, edited, and resaved.

The Reports screen is normally populated without any preselected reports, as pictured below. There are exceptions. Users who are allowed to generate reports on the behalf of others will see a configurable cover page at the top of the list of selected reports. 


A new set of buttons give users the options to save or clear a set of reports.

The Add to Report button functions as before. You click it to add the reports selected on the left side of the screen to the list of selected reports to the right.

Before saving a new set of reports you must first select on the left side of the screen the reports you want to save and then click + Add to Report. You can then select reports and use the arrow buttons to rearrange them in your preferred order.

Click “Save selected reports” and the reports selected on the right side of the screen will be saved for future reuse. This set of reports, arranged in the order chosen, will be shown as an initial default whenever you open a client case and go to the Reports screen.

Note - In our initial rollout, report sets are saved locally on a per user account, per browser basis. However, plans are to make report sets persistent to user accounts in our phase-two release, which will allow you to access your report set on any computer and in whichever browser you choose to use.



If you need to clear the report set, simply click the “Clear saved reports” option. Clicking this button will clear the reports set from your user account, allowing you to create a new set if desired.


What is (and is not) saved in a report set in AdviserGo?

Reports can contain sections from various selected plans (the base plan or what-if scenarios) within the client case. The report set will apply to the plan/scenario you are presently viewing, as shown top right. The report set serves as an initial default set of reports. You can still remove reports, rearrange them, add additional reports, or add reports for different plans if needed.


Most selections are retained in a report set. Reports and the order in which they are arranged are saved in the set as well as options for downloading report data and images and outputting the reports in real money, both of which are highlighted below.


Special options to Customize certain reports, such as the Financial Summary, will not be saved for reuse in the report set, the assumption being that these settings are selected on a per-client basis.