Personal Concessional Contributions into a Super - Australia

This guide explains the Personal Concessional Contributions into a Superannuation in Voyant and where to see the tax relief. 


Enter the Personal Concessional Contribution in via the Superannuation entry.



Then go to Year View (top right of the chart)


In the Pensions tab you will see the contribution net of tax


Click on the name of the Super to the Planned and Actual contributions

The Actual contribution will take into account the Personal Concessional Contribution limit and the tax paid e.g. in 2021, 15%.



Now click on the Taxes tab

The Gross Personal Concessional Contribution is shown as a Tax Deductible Expense. This means the 'Total Tax' will be calculated on their Income minus the total Personal Concessional Super Contribution. 

Then the 15% tax (2021) is accounted for via 'Total Super Tax' which is included in the Total Tax (and the Net Super contribution goes into the Super as above). 



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