Yearly Chart Details - View the details behind the charts in AdviserGo- Australia

Yearly chart details can be accessed from either the Dashboard or the Let’s See screen.


To view the details, either double-click or on a tablet long press any bar of the chart or click the new chart details button, top-right.


If you accessed the chart details by double-clicking a particular bar of the chart, the details for that selected year of the plan will be shown right away.

Otherwise, select a year by using the slider bar or by clicking the appropriate bar/year of the chart above.



You can easily move from year to year in the details by using the slider bar above or the arrow buttons below the details panel.

In AdviserGo we have the added advantage of presenting annual details on a larger, easier to read canvas (depending of course on the device you are using) with added options to sort listings and to expand and collapse informational panels. These capabilities should make the information in the chart details, which can be quite extensive, easier on the eyes and easier to parse.

Column headers can be clicked to sort listings. Expenses, for example, could be sorted by Type, Owner, Name, Value. Any column header can be clicked to sort in descending or ascending order, making it much quicker to find certain items in long lists.


Additional details such as expense payment sources and investment asset allocations are expandable and collapsible in AdviserGo.  For example, to see the payment sources of an expense, simply click the listing for the expense to show these details. Click the listing again to hide these details.


To quickly show or hide these details for all expenses, click the Expand All / Collapse All buttons top-right.


Details for Investments and Pensions are rolled up into more general columns, which is much easier to parse visually.


If for an investment or pension you want to view the planned vs. actual contributions, contribution sources, withdrawal limits, etc. click its listing to view the full details.


The Taxes worksheet is arranged into collapsible sections rather than one long scrolling worksheet. This will allow uses to view only the sections pertinent to them. We have taken cumulative taxes out of the annual taxes worksheet and have positioned it in its own section. This will allow you to view a cumulative tax total and with the section option, one could use the slider to see how their clients’ cumulative tax total build over time.


To leave the chart details and return to the Dashboard or Let’s See chart, simply toggle off the chart details button (top-right) or click the appropriate navigation link (top-left).

Chart Details for Insights (Simulations) in AdviserGo

If you run a simulation (an Insight) in AdviserGo, the details of what the simulation did to derive its result can be viewed in the yearly chart details.

For example, a Lump Sum Savings Analysis has been run. Clicking the bar in the chart of the year in which the lump sum is to be received, the chart details show the contribution deposited by the simulation.