How to set Windfalls to sweep into an investment account - Canada

If you have a large inflow or windfalls scheduled to enter a plan and would like to model sweeping some or all of those funds into an investment account this article will walk you through how to do this. 

From the Dashboard click the green (+) button in the bottom right of your screen and select "Transfers".




Assuming that the windfall has already been entered into this plan we will schedule a transfer "From All Available Surplus".



We will be "transferring to the client's non-reg investment account" in this example but you can choose any account listed.


Here we will transfer "All Available" but you do have the option to enter a specific amount if you want to designate a specific dollar amount.



Next we will select the "Timing" Section and set the timing for this sweep.

Note - We are selecting the year that the Windfall is expected to enter the plan and setting that as our start event. 




Click "Done" to save.

To ensure that the software is modeling this correctly you can check from the Dashboard Details>Year View screen. Use your slider to move to the year you expect the windfall to enter the plan and select the Investment tab. In the example below you can see a large contribution being scheduled for that year to this investment account. Move the slider up the timeline to see how this investment is expected to grow year on year.