Recent Clients - View a list of the client cases you've most recently accessed in AdviserGo -Australia

A new “Recent Clients” tab has been added to the Home screen in AdviserGo to make it easier to find the client cases you access most frequently.

The software will track client cases as you open them in a given browser (e.g. Edge, Safari or Chrome) on a given computer. The Recent Clients tab will be shown only after you have opened at least one client case in AdviserGo on the computer. Once tracking begins, this tab will show up to the latest twenty client cases you’ve accessed.


And Now for the Technical Details

AdviserGo uses the local storage in your browser to track client cases as you open them. This information is not stored in cookies.

Move to a different computer or switch to a different browser -- e.g. go from using Google Chrome to a Microsoft Edge browser -- and your Recent Clients list will not be present or may be a different set of clients that you opened recently on that computer or in that type of browser.

Also, if you were to log out of AdviserGo on a given computer and a colleague were to log into the software again via the same browser but using their own account, the list of recent clients will be cleared and restarted. Switching user accounts will clear the list. Recent clients are stored for only one user account per browser, per computer, per environment.

This prevents a user with another login from seeing your list of recent clients and avoids storing an inordinate amount of information in your browser’s local storage.

Recent clients are tracked per environment. What do we mean by environment? If, for example, you work for an enterprise that has Voyant hosted on separate environments for testing, training, and production, your user account will have separate Recent Client lists stored for each environment. The same would apply if you have access different versions of AdviserGo for different countries. Someone who uses our UK and Canadian releases, for example, would have separate Recent Client lists stored for each release.