Items not displayed in the Cash Flow chart - Australia

Certain types of inflows are intentionally hidden from the cash flow chart. These include:

  • Insurance payouts (except those used to pay off debts or to pay expenses), 
  • Estate credits (from estate distributions),

Details about these hidden inflows that do still figure into the software's calculations can be viewed on the Cash Flow tab, under the heading “Cash Flow – Not Displayed on Chart”. Other large inflows, including those from liquidated assets are shown in the charts.

We hide these items because including them tends to greatly skew the scale of the chart. Bars representing years with normal inflows tend to be very small when scaled against a single year with a very large inflow. Granted, we could include them and you could use the chart's zoom button (or left-click on the chart's y-axis) to adjust the scale but the cash flow chart would still be skewed when output into the printable reports.