Net Worth Goal - Australia

The Net Worth Goal works differently from other goals in that it tracks progress towards a target Net Worth amount.

It uses Net Worth which includes:

  • + Property
  • + Liquid assets 
  • - Debts 

See the Net Worth value in each year of the plan by viewing the Net Worth chart.


Some things to note:

- Net Worth doesn't include assets held in Trust (these are shown in Plan Worth chart and not Net Worth)

- If a joint plan and the partner is a non-legal partner the partner's solely owned assets do not appear in Net Worth (jointly owned assets are included). If a legal partner or spouse all assets are included regardless of ownership.


To use the Net Worth Goal go to the Dashboard + button bottom right and select Goals - Net Worth Goal. 

Put in a Net Worth amount for the goal and select an Event on the Timeline. 


In Dashboard and Timeline and also in the Financial Summary and Events & Goals reports you can track progress towards this goal and whether it is being met by the plan currently.

Go to a What If scenario to see if the goal is met after changes to the plan, for example contributing more to savings.


You may see a number greater than 100% which means the Net Worth goal is exceeded by that amount.