Sharing Client Cases - How to share a client outside of your subscription

To have support turn on the ability to share clients outside of your subscription for you. Contact if you are not the subscription owner you will need to obtain permission from them for this ability. 

Once this permission is granted, follow the instructions below on how to share your client with a colleague outside your subscription. 

To share access to the client, go to your administration console. This can be accessed by clicking the admin console tile in your home screen. 

Go to the client search section. 

Open the client and select "Add client share" towards the bottom of your screen. 

It will then ask you if you'd like to share read-only or full control

After you click next it will ask you what user you'd like to share the plan with enter your colleague's name here. 
Scroll down to the bottom of the search screen and select your colleague's account. 
Once shared your colleague should be able to see this client in their "All clients" section on the AdviserGo home page.