How to set up 2-step verification - Voyant Home

Start by logging into the website 


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Login with your usual credentials. You will then land on our new Home page. Click on the silhouette to set up MFA.


Select 2-step verification


Before going any further, download an authenticator app to your phone if you don't have one already. Links to some authenticator apps are given in the screen. 

Note: Please be sure that the smart phone you are about to activate for purposes of authentication is a phone that you will invariably have available when logging into the software or our website.

Select Setup 2-Factor Authentication:


Scan the code via the authenticator app. After doing this you will see a code appear. Enter this code in the box below then click Enable



You will then be prompted to enter another code from the authenticator device on the following screen 


You have now successfully set up 2-step verification. 

Now when logging into the website tick 'User two-step authentication' and enter the current code from the authenticator app.


You will need to have your chosen authenticator device with you anytime you need to access the software. However, you can contact Voyant support to have a temporary access code generated for you if you are unable to locate your device. 

Note: You cannot have multiple devices (smart phones) associated with your Voyant account, so once 2-step authentication is activated, you must have your phone available when logging into Voyant, unless you are working temporarily offline.


Setting up MFA from the Administration Area

You can also set up MFA via the Admin portal. Get to your Administration area from AdviserGo by clicking on the silhouette and Administration


Guide on how to set it up is here: How to set up 2-step authentication (MFA) from Administration area


What if I have temporarily misplaced my smartphone (or other authentication device)? 

If you have temporarily misplaced your smart phone, you will need to contact Voyant support to have a temporary access code generated for you.

Note: You may also request to have your device deactivated.  Once deactivated, you may setup 2-step authentication on another device following the steps in the first half of this article. 


What if my smartphone (or other authentication device) has been lost or permanently damaged? 

If you have lost or damaged your phone or have upgraded to a new device and no longer have access to your original smart phone, please contact Voyant support and ask to have your original smart phone deactivated.

You may then activate the new device using the steps in the first half of this article. 

Any problems or questions please contact