ClientGo - Training Videos



Our new goal-centric, client-facing platform can be used for onboarding new clients into the Voyant software and also as a review tool for existing clients. It is an interactive and collaborative tool that personalizes the planning process.



Invite your client to create their plan

This video provides a guide on how to send your client an invitation to input their information using ClientGo. This is an example of how an Adviser could use ClientGo as an initial fact-finding tool for a client who they have not yet entered into Voyant.



How to invite a client to update their plan

In this video, we will walk you through how to use ClientGo to invite your client to update their plan information.



How to remove a client's access

This video provides a guide for removing a client's access to the ClientGo tool.



A guide for your client on creating a plan

This video provides a guide to the clients of Voyant advisers using ClientGo on how to enter their initial plan information.