If your subscription requires 2-step authentication (MFA) and you have not yet set it up, use your login credentials to start setting up 2-step authentication.





Once you attempt to log in you will be taken to this page. 




Install an authenticator app onto your mobile phone. Once you have installed the app click continue at the bottom of the page. 

You will then be taken to a page with a QR code. Using your authenticator app scan the QR code that appears on the page. (example below)

Once you scan the QR code your authenticator app will generate a code. Enter the first code in the line for "Code 1". 

Once this code times out a second code will appear. Enter this code in the line described as "Code 2". 

Click "Activate Device". 


Once you have selected "Activate Device" you will be prompted to enter a 3rd and final code. Make sure this is a code different to the one you entered on the line for "Code 2". 

Once you have entered the 3rd code click "Verify Code". 


Once entered click verify code, you will be redirected to the product. Click "take me to Voyant AdviserGO" to start working on your client plans. 


From then on, when you log in you will click "use two-step authentication" and enter the code generated by your authentication app in the blank space below "2-step Code".