Moving from Adviser to AdviserGo - New Features you'll have available

The list below covers features currently in AdviserGo that are not available in Adviser. Any clients you create and edit in Adviser will be in AdviserGo and visa versa.

Home Screen

Goals and Insights only in AdviserGo


  • Improved Chart functionality e.g. Interactive charts (de-select any category from the chart)
  • Just the charts on screen in Let's See, so clearer to present
  • Zoom horizontally and not just vertically e.g. to a stage. Zoom to re-scale to the same scale when comparing two charts. 
  • Real Money - Year View (Detailed Info)
  • Taxes chart > Details > cumulative.  Great when comparing plans
  • Chart in Dashboard. so you can see the chart build as you add details.  This chart can be removed for presenting to clients. Dashboard - Option to hide or display the charts in the top section of the Dashboard

Other features

Wider Journey