Updating Client's from Assetmark's eWealthManager to Voyant


Once you have initially selected and launched a client from eWealthManager into Voyant, a link should exist between the client's ID on the eWealthManager platform and the client's case in Voyant AdviserGo. 
To pull updated information about the client -- including new investments as well as updated holdings and valuations -- from eWealthManager into the client's case in Voyant AdviserGo: 

  1. Launch Voyant AdviserGo using the link under planning in eWealthManager. 
  2. On the AdviserGo home screen, select and open the client's case. 
  3. Once the case is open and you are viewing the Dashboard, click the plus button bottom right. 
  4. You should see an Update option. If so, click this option, which should connect back to the client's information in eWealthManager, AdviserGo should then show you what is new about the client in eWealthManager, including new valuations, and step you through the update process.