Emergency 2-step authentication code

If you have lost your phone, don't have your phone on you or you can't log into your third party multi-factor authentication app (on computer or phone) then you will need to issue yourself an Emergency Code to log in.

Click Login without entering the 2-step code and you will see Backup Options or will be directed straight to the screen below. Select Backup Options.


Select 'request a temporary MFA emergency code' highlighted below:


Pressing Send will send an email to your email address with a temporary code


Use the temporary code here to log in



What needs to be done if I decide to replace my smartphone (or other authentication device)? 

If you plan to switch smart phones, you may log into Voyant and deactivate your former device and follow the steps above activate the new one. 

To deactivate two-step authentication for your account or deactivate it temporarily as you switch to another device: 

1. Visit the Voyant website and log in. You will need to have your authentication device ready to generate a two-step code to sign in. 

Which website you visit to register and install the software will depend on which version of Voyant you intend to use. 


  Canada - canada.planwithvoyant.com


  Ireland - www.planwithvoyant.ie


  United Kingdom - www.planwithvoyant.co.uk


  United States - www.planwithvoyant.com

In the Home screen click on the silhouette top right


Select 2-step verification


Select Deactivate device and set up again with a new device: How to set up 2-step verification - Voyant Home