How to set up 2-step authentication when it's required on your Subscription

Start by logging into the website 


  Canada -


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


  United States -


  Australia - 


 Global -


Login with your usual credentials. You will then be asked to scan the QR code and enter a 6-digit code.

1. Please choose and install the appropriate app for your brand of smart phone or other authentication device. Some examples below:

 Android Google Authenticator
 iPhone Google Authenticator
 Windows Phone Microsoft Authenticator

2. Use this app to scan the QR code. Or if you have an App on your computer press 'Can't scan QR code' instead.


3. Enter the 6-Digital Code shown in the App


4. Enter another 6-digit code from the App in the following screen to log in



You have now successfully set up 2-step verification. 

Now when logging into the website tick 'User two-step authentication' and enter the current code from the authenticator app.



What if I have temporarily misplaced my smartphone (or other authentication device)? 

If you have temporarily misplaced your smart phone, you will need to contact Voyant support to have a temporary access code generated for you.

Note: You may also request to have your device deactivated.  Once deactivated, you may setup 2-step authentication on another device following the steps in the first half of this article. 


What if my smartphone (or other authentication device) has been lost or permanently damaged? 

If you have lost or damaged your phone or have upgraded to a new device and no longer have access to your original smart phone, please contact Voyant support and ask to have your original smart phone deactivated.

You may then activate the new device using the steps in the first half of this article. 

Any problems or questions please contact