Financial Summary Report and the Asset Allocation Pie Chart

Coming Soon - From feedback we are simplifying this Asset Allocation pie chart, so that it only shows Assets by Type. This is the universally used and more popular breakdown. It will mean that regardless of settings you will be able to view Assets by Type in the Financial Summary report. 

Currently, the Financial Summary Report contains a Pie chart titled 'Asset Allocation'. This Pie chart will either have a breakdown of Assets by type or by Asset Allocation depending on your Plan Settings. 

In Dashboard  - Plan Settings - Calculation Settings, if you have "Grow all investment and retirement accounts using asset allocation" set to No, then the pie chart will appear with Assets by type like below:


If this setting is set to 'Yes'


You will see overall Asset Allocations in the pie chart:


See this guide for more information on this settings and how it works: Grow [all] investment and retirement accounts using asset allocation (preference)