Voyant Adviser

Our comprehensive software for financial professionals, Voyant Adviser provides the tools for complex financial planning. This Java-based application can be installed to your desktop for use both online and off.

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Getting Started

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System Requirements

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Basics - Starting a new client case, entering the essentials

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Release Announcements and Other Updates

Time - Events, stages and the planning timeline

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Voyant Adviser - Ireland

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Voyant Adviser - United Kingdom

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Offline - Using Voyant Adviser in offline mode

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Usage - Authorisation limits and concurrent usage checks

Hosted Solutions (e.g. Citrix) - Issues, considerations

Troubleshooting issues with Voyant Adviser

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Cash Flow Fundamentals

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Debts - Home Equity Plans

Employment and Other Income

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Estate Plans

Expenses - Basics, Leisure, Luxury and Milestones

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Expenses, Legacy - Potentially exempt transfers and charitable gifting

Let's See - Charts

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Manage client cases and what-if planning scenarios

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Overviews - General overviews

Overviews - Legacy overviews for IHT calculations and estate planning

Pensions - Annuities

Pensions - Drawdown Pensions

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Pensions - Final Salaries (Defined Benefit Schemes)

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Planned Withdrawals (New)

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Pensions - Money Purchases (Defined Contribution Schemes)

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Pensions - State Pensions


Preferences - Default assumptions

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Property and Assets

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Protection - Critical Illness

Protection - Income Protection

Protection - Long Term Care

Protection - Term Life, Endowments, Family Income Benefits

Protection - Whole Life

Reports and Notes

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Risk profiling

Savings and Investments

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