System Requirements - What will I need to use AdviserGo? **all regions**

AdviserGo is a web application that runs in a web browser. Its operational requirements are minimal. All you will need to run it is a modern browser, an internet connection, and a Voyant adviser (or auxiliary) user account.

Note: These are our supported browsers and mobile operating systems. Older versions could potentially work, but the application may not perform as expected - e.g. buggy animations and/or odd looking CSS styles.



To begin using AdviserGo, you will need to have installed on your computer a recent release of a standard web browser. Snapshot is supported on the latest releases of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Below are the supported desktop browsers and their minimum version required for AdviserGo:
  • Chrome – version 30
  • Safari (MacOS) - version 8
  • Firefox – version 30
  • Opera – version 30
  • Edge – version 12
Your web browser must be configured to allow cookies and JavaScript, which in most cases should be allowed in the browser's default security settings. Read more >>  Most modern browsers have both enabled by default, but these could have been disabled manually.

Mobile operating systems

In addition to Windows and MacOS, below are the supported mobile operating systems:
  • iOS – iOS 8 (Included Safari browser)
  • Android – 4.1 (included Chrome browser)
These operating systems come equipped with a modern mobile browser. Full disclosure: We do not currently test AdviserGo on Windows Phone or Blackberry operating systems. 

Internet connection

You will also need an internet connection (one that allows access to our website). Which website will depend on the country-specific version of AdviserGo you plan to use.


  Canada -


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


  United States -


Voyant adviser or auxiliary user account

And last but not least, you will need a Voyant user account. You may use AdviserGo when registered either as a trialist or subscriber.

To sign up for a free, no obligation 30-day trial of our software, please visit the appropriate country-specific website. Read more >>


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