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Voyant Case Study

JR Financial: Enhancing Value for Clients with Voyant

JR Financial is an independent financial firm located in Vancouver, Canada. Founded by Jay
Gangnes in 2005, the firm runs on a unique premise: for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.
JR places an emphasis on maximizing tax efficiency and creative strategies as opposed to
marginally higher investment returns. The firm helps those with growing business limit
their tax liability through a deep understanding of corporations.

Gangnes wanted to establish JR Financial as a firm that goes above and beyond to
provide significant value to their clients. Moreover, JR is moving to hone in on technology
and staying on the edge of financial strategy. JR Financial develops innovative, high level
strategies far more sophisticated than “6% return over 7% return.” The firm’s specialty is
utilizing corporate structures to maximize tax efficiency. JR Financial recognizes that to pull
ahead of the pack, they need holistic, artful planning as their biggest value add, which is
where Voyant’s technology becomes a key tool.