Articles and other resources related to our software for financial professionals in Canada.

Trialing Voyant AdviserGo - Our planning software for financial professionals

Getting Started - First steps, building your first client case in AdviserGo

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What's new in AdviserGo Canada?

The Home Screen - Accessing your client records and creating new ones

The Timeline - Events and stages

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The Let's See Charts - Viewing and presenting plan results

Insights - Planning simulations

What-Ifs - Planning scenarios

Reports - Printable reports and reporting options

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Plan Settings - Set the software's default assumptions

Cash Flow and Taxation Essentials - About the software's calculation engine

Goals and Expenses - Plan for current and future spending

Employment Income - Current and future income from earnings

Retirement Income - CPP and QPP

Investments - Non-registered investments, TFSAs, RESPs, and RDSPs

Retirement Savings - RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, LRSPs, LIFs, DCPPs, and DPSPs

Stock Grants and Options

Property and Other Non-Liquid Assets

Corporate - Holding Companies (HoldCos)

Client Case and Plan Management - Managing client cases and the plans within them, promoting, and updating plans

Managing Your User Account - Software preferences, your user profile, and sharing access with colleagues

Troubleshooting issues with AdviserGo