What is the cost of AdviserGo?


Details on pricing for Voyant software licenses can be found here, by country.







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A Note to Subscribers in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Subscribers in the United Kingdom and Ireland also have access to Voyant Adviser, our original market-leading financial planning software. Provided you have a paid subscription to Voyant Adviser with either an adviser or paraplanner/auxiliary adviser license, there is no extra cost to use AdviserGo alongside Voyant Adviser. 
Voyant AdviserGo is integrated with Voyant Adviser. Your Voyant Adviser username and password will get you access.  Plan changes made in one solution will show in the other.  A plan created in Voyant AdviserGo can be edited in Voyant Adviser and vice versa.    All of your existing client plans will be accessible in the new system.  The calculations, tax rules, and business logic are identical. Whilst some more advanced Voyant Adviser features are not available in Voyant AdviserGo, anything modelled in Adviser using those advanced features is not lost in AdviserGo but just hidden. Calculations and simulations will produce identical results in both tools.  Users can move seamlessly between both applications even when working on the same plan.


Not a subscriber? Register for a free trial of Voyant Adviser and AdviserGo

Voyant Adviser and AdviserGo are packaged together, so if you register to trial our software you are automatically granted access to both products. If later you decide to subscribe, there is no added cost for either product. We offer a single subscription price for both products. 

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