Is VoyantGo used to share plans that I create for my clients or is it used to invite clients to build their own cases?


It can be used for either. You can invite your clients to use VoyantGo to access plans that you have created for them (the most common but not the only way to use the software) or invite your clients to begin building their own cases anew in the VoyantGo and use the software for initial fact finding.


Advisers can invite clients to use VoyantGo in two different ways.
Option A - Invite a client to access their existing financial plan, one you’ve already created them. 
Most commonly, an adviser or paraplanner will first use Voyant Adviser or Adviser Go to build a financial plan for their client. The adviser can then invite the client to access their plan via VoyantGo.
Clients can, in turn, use the software to review their current long-term outlook as well as the adviser’s recommendations, all of which are set automatically to be read-only. Only the advisers can make changes to the cases they create. However, clients do have the option to explore and share feedback with advisers by adding changes via what-if scenarios. Read more >>
Option B - Invite a client to start their own plan, usually for initial fact finding.
Advisers can also use AdviserGo for initial fact finding. Rather than sharing an adviser-built case, the adviser could invite clients (or possibly prospective clients) to use the software to create their own cases from scratch. The adviser could then review the case and possibly build recommendations from it.  Read more >>