Timing - How to Schedule a One-off Lump Sum Expense - UK

Q: How does one schedule a one-off expense for a large lump sum purchase, such as a wedding?

A: To add an expense, select the (+) while on the Dashboard screen and then click Expenses.


For a one-off Single Year Expense which is connected to a single event on the Timeline, you’ll select Single Year Expense.


Complete all the information on the Basics tab including adjusting the prioritization slider. This slider allows for expenses and goals to be reviewed and reprioritized at any time, at any point in the planning process.

The inflation rate can be adjusted here as well if it differs for this one-off expense from the rest of the plan.   


Next, on the Timing panel, located on the left side of the expense screen below Basics, schedule the timing of the expense using an event on the timeline. Select 1) an event already on the timeline or 2) double-click on a column on the timeline to create a new event.

Select the event (if creating a new event be sure to name it accordingly) and Set as Start Event.


 Click Done to save the one-off expense.

You may now go to Dashboard > Year View to double check that the one-off expense appears in the year scheduled. With Year View on, go to the Expenses tab, and go to the year of the event. The one-off Wedding expense will be shown in the items listed under Expenses.


To see what payment sources are funding any given expense, click Expand All for more detail.