How to Delete a Primary Client - UK

Unfortunately, there isn't a quick way to do this when it is the primary client you wish to remove, as the software will not allow you to delete the primary client (the client file's namesake). As a result, one needs to start by making the surviving spouse into the new 'primary' client. 
Before doing so, we recommend that you update the start date of the plan so that you preserve the old base plans. (Here is an article on how to do this if needed: 
How to update the start date of a plan - UK)
We don't have a simple toggle, unfortunately, that switches a person into the role of primary. Instead, therefore, you will edit the details of the primary client, so as to turn their entry into their widow's, and there is a trick to doing this:
From the Dashboard, select the surviving individual in the People section and the spouse's personal details will display.
Edit their details, making a slight variation in their name. For example, if their name were Joanna Smith, edit the first name, entering a variant like Joanna ORIG Smith. Save the change.
Next, select the primary client from the Dashboard and their personal details will display.
You can now change their name, gender and birth date to match those of the surviving client but in this case enter the correct surname (e.g. "Joanna  Smith" rather than "Joanna ORIG Smith").
The reason for the above 'trick' is that the software will not allow two people in the plan to share the same name, even temporarily, and so it's important that you continue to differentiate the two individuals, while in the process of switching them.
Next step, is to ensure that you delete any accounts, incomes or events that were solely owned by the person to be deleted. If there are any accounts/incomes/expenses/goals/properties that were jointly owned ensure that they are also now shown as just being owned by the remaining client. 


Now you'll just need to switch any accounts/events owned by the spouse to being owned by the new primary client. For example, we would remove Joanna ORIG Smith as an owner from any of the the assets or expenses in the plan, either by deleting them or reassigning them to the new primary client as the sole owner.

Please also check 'what ifs' as well as the base plan e.g. make sure that you do this in any 'what ifs' as well as the base plan.

Once completed, you should be able to delete the original secondary client (e.g. Joanna ORIG Smith). To do this, open the person from the Dashboard and click the bin symbol which appears next to their name.
This article explains how to delete a spouse from a plan, follow these instructions after you have done the switch with the naming: How to delete a person from a plan - UK.

You should be left with a client file that bears the name of the surviving spouse and a plan that contains only her details.
Other Considerations - Nil Rate Band Carryforward
If the primary client is being deleted because they have passed away, and the deceased did not use any of their nil rate band for IHT purposes on death, go to the Carryover assumptions screen for the new primary client and amend the Carried forward Nil rate band box (and Residence nil rate band box, if appropriate) to reflect the additional allowance that the surviving spouse will inherit.