How to add custom model portfolios to your subscription

The software does not come with any model portfolios by default but you are able to add your own custom model portfolios to your subscription. These model portfolios can be self-managed or added via a white label.
If self-managing, custom model portfolios can be added to your subscription in AdviserGo by the subscription owner or subscription manager or by a user who has been granted the Asset Allocation Setup role.
Model portfolios added this way will be available to all users within the subscription. 
The instructions below cover how to self-manage model portfolios. If you would like your model portfolios added via your white label please click here for more information.

How to add model portfolios

1. Log in to your account in AdviserGo and go to the Home page. 

2. Click Model Portfolios on the top menu (if you don't see this option, and you are a subscription owner or manager, please contact Voyant Support by emailing

3. In the Market Assumptions dropdown select the set of market assumptions your model portfolios use.

Tip - if the market assumptions which the model portfolios use are not showing in the list, you will need to upload a new set of market assumptions, click here for instructions.

4. Click the + button in the bottom right corner of the screen to add a new portfolio.

Tip - you can click 'Edit List' to see if there are any existing portfolios which use the selected market assumptions but have not yet been added to the Display Order.

5. Input the Portfolio Name and input the relevant percentages for each asset class, then click Done.

Tip - when you input the breakdown of the portfolio, the expected average return, yield etc are calculated with reference to the selected market assumptions. This information is displayed beneath the pie chart on the right hand side and can be used as a sense check.

6. The new portfolio will show in the Current Display Order.

7. To add another portfolio either click the + button in the bottom right corner of the screen or click Create a copy if the portfolio is similar to the one already input.

8. Repeat until you have input all of your model portfolios and they are all showing in the Current Display Order.

9. If the portfolios are not in the order you would like them to appear on the portfolio slider bar, click Edit List.

10. The list can be re-ordered by clicking on the portfolio name and clicking the up or down arrows or by dragging and dropping the portfolios. Once in the correct order, click Done.

11. Check the Current Display Order lists the portfolios in the desired order.

12. Once done, open a test client record and navigate to Plan Settings > Asset Allocation. Check the portfolios show in the correct order on the portfolio slider bar by clicking click here to activate the slider bar.

Then drag the slider left and right.

Tip - the portfolio slider bar will only appear with the option to select a model portfolio if the client record uses the same set of market assumptions as the model portfolios. If the click here link does not appear, check the market assumptions being used in Plan Settings > Market Assumptions. Click here to find out how to change the market assumptions a plan uses.


How to edit model portfolios

Once added model portfolios can be edited from the Model Portfolio screen. Click on the portfolio name in the list, then click the Edit button.

The portfolio details will display and you can edit the percentages in each asset class, then click Done.

Tip - if you don't see the name of the model portfolio you want to edit in the Current Display Order list, check that the correct set of Market Assumptions has been selected in the dropdown.


How to remove portfolios from the portfolio slider bar without deleting them

If you have a model portfolio which is no longer in use but you do not want to delete it, you can simply remove it from the portfolio slider bar.

To do this, select the appropriate set of market assumptions in the Market Assumptions dropdown. Then click Edit List.

Click on the name of the portfolio you want to remove and click the bin/trashcan symbol, then click Done.

The portfolio will no longer show in the Current Display Order.

However, click Edit List and the portfolio will show in the Available Portfolios list and could be added back to the slider at a later date.


How to delete model portfolios

Click on the portfolio name in the list, then click the Edit button.

Once in the Edit portfolio screen, click the bin/trashcan symbol next to Edit Model Portfolio

A warning message will appear, click the Delete button to confirm.