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Installing Voyant Adviser

Installation Guide

Basic Operational Requirements


First Steps, Tutorials

AdviserGo and VoyantGo Quick Start Guide

Voyant Adviser Quick Start Guide


Cash Flow Basics

An introduction to the basics of cash flow in Voyant.


Client Fact Finds (Questionnaires)

Comprehensive UK Fact Find - Our full print-only version of the UK fact find.

UK Expense Questionnaire - A shortened print-only version of our UK fact find for collecting basic personal details and expenses only.

An Important Note Regarding Importable Fact Finds - Due to GDPR compliance, Voyant can no longer support the importable, fillable PDF fact finds we once offered. Voyant can be responsible for the security of client data only after it is entered or imported into our software.

The mechanism for importing fact finds is, however, still available in the software. Firms who wish to fashion their own importable fact finds may do so. These documents must be fillable Adobe Acrobat PDF forms and the fields within them must be coded with Voyant data input values in order to be importable into the software.

If you would like to create your own fillable PDF fact find, please contact Voyant Support to request the original source documents. These documents contain the fields necessary to create a document that is importable into Voyant.


General Documentation

Account, Subscription Management

Initial Subscription Setup
Share client cases in your new Voyant subscription, invite colleagues to use available licences, and set user permissions

Subscription Management
Ongoing subscription administration. How to manage your Voyant subscription and user permissions.



Offline Mode

A guide to setting up Voyant for use offline and best practices to follow when using the software in offline mode.


Rebranding, White Labeling

AdviserGo - Guide to Voyant Rebranding (White Labeling)

Voyant Adviser - Guide to Voyant Rebranding (White Labelling)

Custom System Preferences (form)

Customised Reports Sets (sample file)


Rebranding, Market Assumptions

RSMR Group "Voyant Research Process Summary" - About the default market assumptions in the Voyant UK software. The UK release of Voyant Adviser and AdviserGo arrive packaged with a set of default market assumptions provided by Rayner Spencer Mills Research (RSMR).

Adding your firm's market assumptions to the software.

Example File - Investment averages

Example File - Correlation Coefficient

Example File - Model Portfolios