General account categories (account types) - taxable, tax deferred, and tax free

In the Preferences screen, you will find that the settings for 'Liquidation Order', 'Savings Order' and 'Investment Fees' are predicated on one's assets falling into one of the following broad categories: taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free.

You may be wondering what types of accounts fall under these general categories. Here is a breakdown:

Taxable accounts include:

- Current/Savings Accounts 
- Unwrapped (i.e. General) Investments
- Offshore Taxable

Tax Deferred accounts include:

- Money Purchase Pensions
- Onshore/Offshore Investment Bonds
- Other Trusts (Bare/Discretionary/DGT/Bypass)*

Tax Free accounts include:

- ISAs
- Venture Capital Trusts*
- Enterprise Investment Schemes (& SEIS)*
- Charitable Trusts*
- National Savings Certificates

*Note that the software will not attempt to take ad hoc withdrawals from these accounts.