General account categories (account types) - taxable, tax deferred, and tax free

In the Plan Settings screen, you will find that the settings for 'Liquidation Order', 'Savings Order' and 'Fees & Taxation' are predicated on one's assets falling into one of the following broad categories: taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free.

You may be wondering what types of accounts fall under these general categories. Here is a breakdown:

Taxable accounts include:

- Current/Savings Accounts 
- Unwrapped (i.e. General) Investments
- Offshore Taxable

Tax Deferred accounts include:

- Money Purchase Pensions
- Onshore/Offshore Investment Bonds
- Other Trusts (Bare/Discretionary/DGT/Bypass)*

Tax Free accounts include:

- ISAs
- Venture Capital Trusts*
- Enterprise Investment Schemes (& SEIS)*
- Charitable Trusts*
- National Savings Certificates

*Note that the software will not attempt to take ad hoc withdrawals from these accounts.