Real Money - About the Real Money simulation

The software normally projects the future values of items (investments, savings, expenses, incomes) in nominal terms - i.e. with inflation factored into all of its future value projections. 

The Real Money simulation allows you to take inflation out of the projection, showing future values (cash flow, assets, expenses, net worth) in today’s terms, without inflation. Growth is still factored in but it is weighed against the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a fixed projection that you can set on the Preferences screen > Plan Preference > Default Inflation / Growth Rates panel.

Items with future growth rates that exceed or match CPI will increase or maintain real money value whereas items with growth projections under CPI will decrease in value, in today's terms.

To include the real money charts in your reports, go to the Reports screen and select the “Use Real Money” option. Doing so will provide real money views of most of the charts.

What about the Chart Details when running the Real Money simulation?

AdviserGo offers the behind the scenes chart details in real money terms. When the Real Money view is switched on, the Year View button, which shows the yearly details behind he charts, will also show future figures adjusted into today's terms based on CPI. Read more about AdviserGo here