How to deactivate an Adviser, Auxiliary Planner or Consumer license

How to Deactivate the Adviser or Paraplanner Licence of a former employee or Consumer Licence of a former client

1. Sign into our website. Which website you go to depends on which version of Voyant you use.


  Canada -


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


  United States -

Note: Your Voyant user account must be the subscription owner or have administrative rights to be allowed to deactivate user accounts.

Go to the Admin Console


2. Select Subscriptions then from the drop down "My Subscription".


3. Click View Users in Subscription.


A complete list of users within the subscription will display.


4. In the Full Name column, click the name of the user whose account is to be deactivated.


The user’s profile will display.


5. Click Disable User.

Doing so will deactivate the account and free the license slot it occupied previously. 


To view this update, select View Subscription. The adviser, auxiliary planner or consumer license that was disabled will be added to the count of available licences for the subscription.



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