How to delete a client file (client record)

Before we begin, please exercise caution when deleting client cases. Our system does not offer a waste bin from which to retrieve them. Deletions are essentially permanent. 

Client files are not deleted in the Voyant software, rather they are deleted on the Voyant website. This is quite intentional, in order to prevent unintentional deletions. 


Note - You must own (or co-own) a client record to be permitted to delete it

You will only be allowed to delete a client record if your user account owns or co-owns the client record. Ownership of a client record is granted to your account when either you create the client case or a colleague who created the case grants your account co-ownership over it. Although you may have permission to view and edit a client case, especially if you have all-client access in your subscription, your account may not own the file and therefore will not be permitted to delete it.

The easiest way to see if your account owns or co-owns the client file would be to log into the Voyant software. After logging into the software (not the website), the Open Client record dialogue will display. Check the My Clients tab. If the record is not on My Clients but appears on All Clients, this means it is a record you are permitted to see and edit (since you have all client record access) but not one that you own.

Read more >> about how to share ownership of a client record.


To delete a client record: 

1. Sign into our website. Which website you go to depends on which version of Voyant you use. 

Australia -

Canada -

Ireland -

United Kingdom -

United States -

Voyant Global -


Log into our website and on the home screen click the Admin Console button. 



If you are currently working in AdviserGo, you can also access the admin console by clicking the silhouette button, top right, and selecting Administration



2. After you have signed in select  Clients to view a list of your clients. You may also search for the client by First Name and/or Last Name. 


3. Click the Name of the client’s file.


Details about the client file will be shown.

4. If this is indeed a client file you want to delete, click the “Delete Client” option on the left side of the screen.



5. Confirm that the client file should be deleted. Click the Delete button to delete the file or the Cancel button to cancel the deletion of the file.



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