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Savings and Investments Owned by Children

Savings and investments owned by children are tracked as liquid assets and are considered part of the cash flow, at least until the owner turns a given age. Like other liquid assets, these accounts are potentially subject to ad hoc withdrawals, based on who owns an expense and the software's general expense fulfillment logic. Withdrawal limits and certain types of accounts may also remove an asset from contention as a potential source of funding.

Child owned accounts will be considered part of the cash flow until the child turns a given age. This age is set in Dashboard > Plan Settings > Default Ages, using the “Child Owned Accounts Available in Plan Until Age” setting.




Once the child owner turns this age, the account will be dropped from the cash flow and assets charts and the funds will no longer be available as a possible expense payment source.


If the account is owned by more than one child, the age of the youngest owner will be applied. If the child is co-owned by a parent, it will remain in the plan for the duration of the parent’s life.

Note: This preference does not apply to properties and assets entered on the Property/Assets screen. Any child owned assets will be tracked for the duration of the planning timeline or until liquidated.


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