FAQ - Let's See - Annual "To Savings" total is higher than summed savings


Clicking the bars of the Let's See chart, I notice that the annual total shown as going "To Savings" is actually higher than the total of the amounts I see being contributed to the savings accounts, when viewing the chart details panel (Detailed Info), Investments tab. Why the discrepancy between these sums?



We have a very limited amount of space on the small chart legend box, so by "To savings" we really mean the total contributions for the year to savings (including any surplus deposited to default cash accounts), investments, and to pensions. 

When you click Detailed Info on the bottom of the chart legend, the chart details panel will open. 

Be sure to also check the Pensions tab of the chart details panel. There you will likely find that in addition to the funds going into savings and investments (shown on the Detailed Info panel > Investments tab) contributions are also being made into one or more money purchases. 

Also note that Scheduled [Pension] Contributions are the net out of salary contributions from the employer while Unscheduled [Pension] Contributions are funds deposited by the employer and the 20% tax relief of employee contributions. 

Add all of these together and you should get a total that matches the "To Savings" sum shown on the chart legend.