Rebranding - About Voyant's rebranding / white labeling service

Customisation of the reports and the software itself are offered through our optional rebranding service.

To see what can be customized in an AdviserGo White Label, download the AdviserGo White Label Guide.

Additional information on rebranding/white labelling, including examples, can be found here.

Specifics on the cost of this service can be found on our country-specific websites.






  United Kingdom


  United States



Your firm’s preferred default preferences, market assumptions and model portfolios/asset allocations can all be added to the rebranded software.

This semi-bespoke version of the software is maintained by our team. Any future changes to the rebranded software, including updates to the market assumptions and model portfolios, are covered under the ongoing monthly maintenance charge.

For further enquires or if you would like us to begin work on a rebrand of Voyant for your firm, please contact us at