FAQ - Viewing the final estate distribution - Why is no bar shown for final mortality year in the Let's See charts?


There is no bar in the Let's See charts showing the year in which the final surviving client dies. Where can I view the plan's final estate distribution? 



We intentionally exclude the year of final mortality - the mortality of the last person of the plan - from the cash flow. The final person in the plan is assumed to have died at the start of that year; therefore there is no cash flow to show thereafter, either for the client or the client's spouse or partner.

The cash flow has essentially ended at this point and the result, save property liquidations, would be a blank bar in the chart or a very skewed chart overall when properties are liquidated.

If you are after details on the estate position and potential IHT due at the end of the plan, go instead to the Overview screen (one down in the navigation from Let's See), select the Legacy overview and view the Plan Legacy (i.e. the legacy report based on the planned mortality ages of the two people in your plan). This overview can be output as a printable report, if needed, from the Reports screen.