FAQ - Transfers between accounts are not being shown as expenses in the chart details


I have regular transfers scheduled from a client's cash account into their ISA. Normally I see contributions listed as expenses on the Let's See charts, Detailed Info panel, on the Expenses tab. However, these transfers are not shown even though I do see the funds being added to the account on the Investments tab.  Why are these transfers not listed?



These transfers are not tracked as expenses because they are not really expenses. The contributions are not coming from income to make a planned contribution, rather they are being moved from one account to another, much like crystallising a money purchase and moving funds into a drawdown pension or buying an annuity. This is why we show the transfers in gold atop the bars of the cash flow chart, in order to account for the "liquidations" that are occurring when funds are being moved from one account to another. We do not use them to position the black need line on the cash flow chart, which is why they are not shown on the Expenses tab of the chart details panel.  The transfers will be shown, however, on the Cash Flow tab of the chart details panel. 

If you want contributions tracked as expenses, remove this transfer and enter it instead as a contribution (in an annual amount) in the Contribution field. Also be sure to select a contribution period (start and end events) on the Time panel to the right side of the screen.