How do I gift a property (e.g. to children)? - UK


There is, presently, no way to gift a property without first liquidating it, then gifting the proceeds. Because gifts of property are subject to CGT, in the same way as a sale, it is not inaccurate to model the gifting in this way (unless the property is being gifted into a discretionary trust).


The specific steps are as follows:

1. From Dashboard select Property and the property to be sold.  Select Timing and select the event when the property is to be sold.  Drag and drop this event into the Sell Event box.

2. Identify (from the Chart in Dashboard or  Let's See > Year View ) the value of the sale proceeds.

3. Add a new Legacy expense.  Do this from Dashboard > '+' button >Expenses > Legacy expenses, schedule the one-off gift, for the value of the proceeds (using the same event as used for the sale of the property) - this is the simplest way to input PETs into the software. This article has more details on Legacy expenses: How to model a gift or charitable donation - UK

Note: For the Legacy expense set inflation to 0%, to ensure the intended gift amount does not get inflated.