ClientGo - Consumer Licence Bundle Costs


ClientGo is our goal centric, client facing platform which can be used for onboarding new clients into the Voyant software and as a review tool for existing clients. Your clients can enter their current income, savings, expenditure as well as their future goals and lifestyle objectives. This will feed seamlessly through to AdviserGo, so you can use this information to review their goals and objectives, run insights to further explore these goals and create What if scenarios to visualise the plan to achieve them. 

What if I have used my complimentary licenses for ClientGo?

If you have used the 2 complimentary consumer licences for ClientGo you can purchase some more Consumer Licences. 

They are available in the following bundles;

Prices for UK;

1. 10 consumer licences for £50 p/m or 
2. 15 for £75 p/m 
3. 25 for £100 p/m 
Subsequent bundles of 25 consumer licences are £75 p/m. 

Prices for Ireland;

1. 10 consumer licences for €60 p/m or 
2. 15 for €90 p/m 
3. 25 for €150 p/m 
Subsequent bundles of 25 consumer licences are €100 p/m. 

We would need the subscription owner to instruct us to add the licences if you wish to purchase more.

Note that consumer licences can be deactivated if the clients who have them are no longer using them. This would free up a licence to enable you to invite another client, as explained here: Deactivate a client’s VoyantGo user account (deactivate and reassign a consumer license).