Action Items Report - CA

The Action Items report provides a list of recommended actions specifically tailored to your financial plan. Completing these actions will improve your chances of reaching your personal financial goals.

The software analyzes your plan models and identifies the relevant action items. In this report, action items are listed for each plan year as determined by the software.

For example, in the action items report below, the TFSA account is highlighted. The action item recommends "contribute the maximum amount." This indicates that the current contributions are not at the maximum level for that year, and doing so would help you achieve your long-term goals.

A screenshot of a computer screen

Description automatically generated

A few other action types you may see: 

Annual Contribution Action Item

  • Account contributions for each year
  • E.g. “Contribute the maximum amount" 

Asset Allocation Action Item

  • Recommended Asset Allocation changes

Asset Liquidation Action Item

  • E.g. “Liquidate this asset for this amount e.g. liquidate this vacation home for $500,000” (example seen in the above screen shot) 

Life Insurance Action Item

  • Notes the year the life insurance was opened.
  • E.g. “Purchase Life Insurance”

Transfer Action Item

  • E.g. “Transfer from $50,000 to your RRSP.”

Debt Goal Action Item

  • E.g. “Changed annual repayment to $30,000. Debt will be paid off by year 2040”

Immediate Action Item

  • Always occurs in the first year
  • Includes:
    • Expense Reduction Action Item
      • E.g. “Eliminate this expense/Reduce this expense by $500 per month”
    • Closed Savings Account Action Item
      • E.g. “Close this account”
    • New Savings Action Item
      • E.g. “Open this account”