Do you have a demo client to present Voyant's features and capabilities?

We don't have a standard client-facing demo case study but you could use the 'John and Julia Campbell' plan. It is the case created following the software's introductory tutorial. That said, we generally encourage advisers to create their own demo cases because a firm's "typical" client - one that your customers can best relate to - can be quite different, i.e., retirees, high net worth, emerging affluent, etc. By creating your own case, you know best what it demonstrates. 

If you would like to use the Voyant introductory case however, download and save the attached .vyt file to an easy to find location on your computer. Open Voyant AdviserGo and on the Open Client Record screen, click on the Plus Button and client Import Client.

Navigate to and select .vyt file you saved and Upload the File.

NOTE: As you open the file, if any prompts appear about changing the market assumptions, be sure to choose No. Accepting any updates to the preferences already in the file might cause errors in the case.