FAQ - What happens to a client file once it has been deleted from the software?


If I were to delete a client record, is it deleted permanently or is it moved into a "Trash" folder from which it can be later retrieved?  



Client cases can be deleted by visiting our website, finding the client case, selecting and deleting the file. The adviser who "owns" the client case (usually the person who created the case), has permissions to delete cases as do subscription owners and other administrators. More information on how client cases can be deleted can be found in our knowledge base.


Deleting a client file removes it from view/access in the software and from the website. The client information is moved into a table on our Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting environment that temporarily stores/archives deleted files. Deleted files are held in this table for up to two years from the deletion date, after which they are purged permanently from our system. 

If during this two year period a firm needs to retrieve a deleted file, they can contact Voyant Support to request the deleted case by name. A member of our Development team would then need to retrieve the file, so generally requests to retrieve files should be made only to retrieve pertinent information for compliance. This is one reason why we keep the Delete function out of the software and on our website; to make it less likely for users to inadvertently delete client information. 


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