FAQ, Taxation - Does Voyant model Scottish taxation? How to set the software to model Scottish tax rates. (UK)


Does AdviserGo model Scottish taxation? 



Yes, you can select the appropriate home nation for residence when you first set up a client.


Setting the country of residence when first creating the plan

As you first set up a new client case, you will be asked for basic information about the first person in the plan, who we refer to as the primary client. 

Among these details, you will be asked to set this person's Country of residence for purposes of taxation. 

The software will assume, at least initially, that the Country of residence selected for the primary client applies to the other individuals in the plan. However, the country of residence can be changed on a per person basis on the Dashboard screen, under Carryover Assumptions. 



Changing the country of residence or setting it differently for other people in a plan

The country of residence can also be changed or reset for individuals in the plan on the Carryover Assumptions screen.

1. To set tax rules to Scotland, go to the Dashboard screen.

2. Select the Carryover Assumptions link in the center of the screen.

3. Select the appropriate person on the left side of the screen. 

4. Country:  In the dropdown list, select Scotland. 

5. Click Done to save your changes.