Is Voyant geared towards meeting the new APTA requirements for Defined Benefit transfers?

The short answer is no, there are a number of providers who already carry out this analysis, in terms of the strict compliance element of the DB to DC advice process, and we have no plans to compete with these providers. As such, the software is not going to be a suitable tool for driving your pension transfer policy - something that will fall to you to determine.

Voyant comes into the process after carrying out the APTA analysis, at which point the software can be used to consider the benefits, and pitfalls of transferring, in the broader context of an individual’s financial planning needs, goals, aspirations, lifestyle etc.

We might add that the assumptions, within the software, can be configured to reflect the APTA requirements, but Voyant does not model all the potential component elements of a final salary scheme that would be necessary for the compliance exercise; having determined whether, or not, the transfer is viable, however, Voyant can certainly be used - e.g. through the use of 'what if' scenarios - for consideration of the pros and cons, from the client's perspective.