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What are Events?

Events are place markers that represent key events in the client's life, forming a framework around which the plan is built.  Events can be entered on the Timeline and we will look at how in a moment.


Events are an extremely flexible and powerful feature in Voyant

Not only are they feature that allows you to schedule things to happen in the future they also serve as discussion points as you present plans to your clients. View the Timeline, the chart in Dashboard, or the Let’s See charts and you can clearly see the events serving as inflection points in the timeline. Moreover, events are movable. Should you need to reschedule something, you can immediately see the effect as you drag the event up or down the timeline. Repositioning an event will affect everything that is connected to the event.

How to create an event

First of all, go to the Timeline and then click on the + button in the bottom right corner and then select the Event tile.



You can then create an event by editing all the fields denoted by the asterisk. You can set the timing of the event by using the Year or Age field or by moving the slider. Save the event by clicking Save in the top right.



You will now see this event on the Timeline.



(N.B. You can also create an event by double clicking the given year on the Timeline.)

At the moment this is a place marker to which you will most likely wish to add an expense, windfall etc.

In this example, let's link it to a one off, milestone expense.

To link it to an expense, go back to the Dashboard and click on the + button, bottom right of the screen and select the Expense tile and then Milestone Expense.

Complete the basic information of ownership, name of the expense and amount and then select Timing.


Now we can link this expense to the event created. To do this you drag and drop the 'New Kitchen' event, in this example, into the Milestone Timing Event box.





Don't forget to click Save (top right).

Once linked to an expense, the event will schedule when the expense is to occur and if a recurring expense, when it will end

Events can be used to schedule not only expenses but also the time span over which annual contributions will be made to savings, investments, or pensions; increasing, decreasing or changing future growth rates and asset allocations; scheduling future transfers; even scheduling the release of funds from an account. 


Moving an event

If you need to change the year an event is scheduled to happen you can do this from the Timeline.

Click on the event and drag and drop it to another year on the Timeline.

Alternatively, you can select and hold the event (or double click it) and edit the timing from here.


This is also how you can edit the name, ownership and symbol of the event. Don't forget to click on Save.


How to delete an event

If you ever need to delete an event, simply click on it and then click on the trash can symbol in the top left. If you have linked it to an expense, as in this example, you will see a warning, reminding you to remove the link before you are able to delete the event.


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