How to assume all surplus income is saved after retirement - UK

While you may want to assume surplus income spent (if it is not planned to be saved) during your client’s working years, the option is available to save all surplus income once your client is retired. This setting may be used to capture unspent surplus payments from defined benefit schemes and state pensions.

 “Save excess income after retirement” is another preference found in the software’s Plan Settings.

To view and possibly edit this assumption for the handling of habitual income in retirement, visit the plan settings, which are accessed from the Dashboard screen. On this screen, scroll down and select Plan Settings.

In the plan settings, under Calculation Settings, is the option to switch on or off the assumption to Save excess income after retirement. To switch this on, click Yes to the right of this assumption and then click Save

When this preference is switched on, all unspent, unsaved surplus will be assumed saved, but only after the recipient's retirement event.