Income - Model a future change, a step up or down, in salary - UK

From the Dashboard click the (+) button >Income>Employment>Enter Employment income information.

Check the Timing of the employment in the Timing tab. This is the total timing of the income including any step ups and downs.

For example, if the income is from Start until Retirement which at age 65, with a step up at age 59, this would mean in the Timings screen that Employment Starts would use the Start Event and Employment Ends would use the Retirement Event.

To add the step at age 59 in the above example:
1. Select Steps
2. Click Add Step


3. Enter the Step Up or Step Down in Salary you are projecting.
4. Click the Timing Section

5.Double-Click the spot on the timeline you would like to add the Step. In this example I have chosen my client at age 59.
6. Enter the Name you would like associated with the Step Event.
7. Click to Set as Step Timing.
8. Click Done

This will take you back to the income screen where you will be able to see the step added. Be sure to click Done again to save all changes